OSN 2021 Model Contest

O Scale National Convention 2021
Model Contest Rules and Judging Form

Thanks for entering the model contest at the O Scale National Convention on Saturday June 19, 2021.

The following pages are the Model Contest Entry Form and the Model Contest Judging Form. You may fill them out prior to coming to the show, and that is recommended to save you time at the show. The Contest Entry Form identifies your model and is your receipt for your model. When you place your model in the contest, this form will acknowledge that you have a model in the contest. When you pick up your model, you will need to sign this form in the Claim Check area. This tells us that you have picked up your model and it is no longer in the contest. The form also explains the rules for the contest. You will notice that there is a category for Single Structure and one for Display/Diorama. There needs to be a distinction between when a Structure model becomes a Diorama. For the purpose of this contest, a Single Structure is a stand alone building with no base. The building may have all the interior partitions and trim, but no other details. For example, a clock on a wall or a person on a platform will move your model into the Display/Diorama category. If the building is mounted on a base with scenery, that will move the building into the Display/Diorama category. This may seem awkward, but it is the simplest way to make the distinction. The other categories should be clear. If not, contact us for help.

The Contest Judging Form will be used by the judges when looking at your model. You need to fill this out
adding as much detail as you would like. In addition, we encourage you to supply more information on separate pages. Title any additional pages with the title of the judging box they apply to. For example, listing the page as Construction will tell the judges that the information applies to the first box of the judging form which is titled Construction. If you supply photos or drawings, they will be used by the judges and returned to you when you pick up your model. The first box titled Construction explains how you built your model. For example, if your model is more than 90% scratch built, you would check off that the model is scratch built. In the construction techniques section, you may check off more than one item. The last item in this box is the description of how you built the model. The space is short, and we would recommend more explanation on a separate page. Make a note on the line to see the attached pages. The next box titled Detail is where you will describe the detail and what it took to create it. Again, we would recommend a separate page for your explanation. Any photos or drawings you used would be a help to show how you replicated features in your model. The next box titled Conformity is where you will describe how your model matches a prototype. If your model is entirely freelance, that is okay. Just describe how your model would match a prototype construction. Again, we would recommend a separate page. The next box titled Finish and Lettering has some items that can be checked. Check as many as apply to your model. A separate page may be required to explain all your techniques. The last box that you will need to fill out is the Scratch Built box. Describe any parts of your model that you made from scratch, along with how you made them. A separate sheet will help here as well. Any information that you can give the judges will help them to understand your model and how you built it.

The three judges will each make their own observations and assessment of your model. They will then
confer with each other to give you a total score. You will get the contest judging form back with your model,
and your information when you pick up your model. All decisions by the judges are final.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

OSNC 21 Contest Entry Form

OSNC 2021 Contest Judging Sheet