David Stewart’s Appalachian & Ohio is a proto-freelanced railroad set in August of 1968. The
A&O stretches from the Buckeye State to South Carolina, with the modeled portion being in SE
Ohio and western West Virginia. This is the 2nd version of the A&O and is known as A&O 2.0.
A&O 1.0 was the cover story of the May 2006 Model Railroader.

The layout occupies 3,000 sq’ and is the cooperative effort of numerous skilled modelers in the
northern Colorado area. Construction began in 2008 and is complete- minus lots of scenery and
structures, thus requiring some visitor imagination. Operating sessions require about 18
operators. By design and size, A&O 2.0 has been called “a mashup of Allen McClelland’s V&O
and Lorell Joiner’s Great Southern.” As scenery progresses, that may be the case.

Features of A&O 2.0 include:

-A fully functioning signaling and CTC machine built by Bob Sobol.
-The Ohio River Bridge, perhaps the largest urethane project anywhere being built by Vince
-A fully isolated coal branch where coal is loaded for movement to a fully functioning Whiting
Rotaside barge dumper.
-A “rain room” where a continual rain storm with random lightning is synchronized to the sound
-A hump yard for car classification with prototypical retarders.
-All handlaid track and switches.
-Numerous design, lighting, and control innovations.

Visit the A&O website for more information at www.aorilroad.com


Hawkins is just one of several loadout sites on the Kayford Branch.












The Hawkins night shift awaits the arrival of empty hoppers.















A trio of F3s cross the St. George River gorge.


























Rick Bacon’s Antioc & Dover visits Mt. Union, WV for some street running.















Dispatching the A&O. Great fun. Stay focused and keep up.