COVID-19 Statement

The Convention and COVID

As the country works through the COVID pandemic and moves toward reopening, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and requirements imposed by the government continue to evolve. There are many positive signs: vaccines are proving effective. Vaccination rates are climbing. New COVID cases and deaths are generally falling. The city where the Convention will be held is working toward a full opening. However, concerns remain. O Scale National Convention staff will work to ensure that this event will be enjoyable and as safe from COVID risks as we can. The Convention will follow to the best of our ability applicable government requirements and will encourage compliance with COVID guidelines.

The Hyatt Regency host Hotel has in place a comprehensive program to reduce the risk of COVID transmittal in both rooms and common areas. All Convention attendees will be required to comply with COVID requirements in effect at the time of the event. Governmental requirements presently in effect provide that attendees at functions like conventions wear masks, remain socially distanced and forego attendance if COVID-positive or symptomatic. Guidelines include washing hands frequently, wiping down
surfaces and using hand sanitizer. A good dose of common sense and a health respect for our fellow hobbyists, many of whom are at risk for the virus, will also help.

This Website will update attendees on changes. Attendees will be provided with then-current COVID requirements upon arrival at the Convention. People who are unable or unwilling to comply with then-current COVID protections will not be allowed admission to the Convention. Those who are present and who are or become non-compliant will be removed by security in order to protect other attendees.

Many O Scalers are in at-risk categories. All attendees should consider being vaccinated. We are hopeful that a large percentage will have completed that process by the time of the Convention. The science is that people who are vaccinated are very unlikely to become ill with the virus. By being vaccinated, you protect yourself and others.

Many potential participants have expressed comfort attending the Convention with COVID protective measures in place. However, no COVID measures can be perfect; and no public events can be made totally risk-free. Attendees assume all COVID risks, including those resulting from human error. Be safe. We hope to see you in Denver!