SONC2020 O Scale Clinics

Scale O National Convention clinics are open to all scales attending the NMRA convention scheduled across all 3 days of our convention. The Program schedule for clinic time and dates will be posted in this web site very soon.

David Vaughn
Title: John Armstrong’s Model Railroad Legacy & Why He Modeled O Scale
David’s presentation gives information on Armstrong’s Modeling years and legacy. More importantly why John modeled 2 Rail O Scale. This clinic will appeal to everyone with some discussion about what happened to John’s layout over the years. David’s research and knowledge on Armstrong’s work is second to none.
Terry Terrance
Title: Why O Scale?
Terry gives a very thorough treatment on the topic of why model railroaders choose 2 rail O scale. Applicable for those interested in joining the hobby but have not chosen a gauge yet. For those that are gauge agnostic or may consider transitioning to O Scale, this is the clinic for you.
Terry Terrance
Title: How To Get Started In 2 Rail O Scale
A broad consideration of information includes numerous topics; track plans, electronics and control systems as well as equipment. Certain myths about 2 rail O scale will be dispelled with consideration given toward economically entering the hobby. Questions and answers will follow.
Bill McConnell, III
Title: Achieving Track Detail
Bill is well known for his O Scale Turnouts business and will be here to tell about the process he has gone through over the years to develop the best track detail and performance turnouts with a little history behind it as well. Processes include the skill it takes to develop and make a die for casting and pre-requisite engineering utilizing 3D wax printing. You don’t want to miss this to get ideas for your own model building.
Cary Williams
Title: Antique Trains O Scale – The First 30 Years
Cary is a collector and researching, many may have seen his advertising. His clinic will be a talk on the history of O Scale. Some pieces in his collection may surprise many. Cary travels and does presentations to many groups, historical societies and shares his expertise you will not want to miss this one.
Bob Stevenson
Title: Clinic O Scale Brass Castings & Casting
Bob owns Stevenson Preservation Lines and has been in the business many years working closely with modelers to facilitate custom work. Anxious to share his knowledge, this is a key opportunity for some of the smaller scale modelers to see a level of detail one can achieve in 2 rail O Scale. Sometimes it takes more than one modeler to make a model.
Larry Stanley
Title: Assembly of working O Scale Switch Stands
Jeweler quality brass switch stand kits that actually work with realistic lighting. Larry will talk on how he goes about engineering and developing his product line with techniques that can be applied by anyone modeling small details in model railroading. From switch stands to telephone poles there is more than meets the eye particularly with his knowledge about the various type of switch stands used by railroads and their applications. His clinic is for all and cross over to all scales.
Rick & Maureen Hooks Hunter
Title: Kit Building Techniques & Weathering Instructions
A tag team clinic event, Maureen demonstrates the techniques of kit building structures, in particular wooden trestles while Rick narrates the show. Normally, projecting to the big screen the process and methods performed by Maureen on the work space gives everyone in the clinic the opportunity to see up close while Rick stays off to the side in a wonderful supporting role. Applicable for modelers in all gauges, don’t miss this one.
Bob Lavezzi
Title: Billboard Reefers, Beer Anyone?
Bob shares his expertise and his involvement with the Atlas O Scale series of Billboard Reefers so popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s developed by Mr. Bob Wagner. Wagner, a Life Member of the New York Society of Model Engineers spent years researching, documenting and building what came to be a cornerstone set of O Scale cars based on data he personally collected, photographed even to the point of hand lettering these cars. Lavezzi was instrumental in preserving Wagners legacy and memory. His is a must see clinic!
Rick Liebach
Title: Power On Board
Some like to call it battery powered, other say don’t call it dead rail, Rick says its "Power On Board"! Rick to give a demonstration of Power On Board to educate on the state of the art. What it is, why it works so well in modern 2 Rail O Scale, why it retrofits well in old imports and speaks to the technology behind it for modelers to consider. This demonstration may happen to take place on one of the modular layouts at the show, we’ll see!
Fuzzy Anstine
Title: Fine Tuning 2 Rail O Scale Asian Rim Imports
Being in the business of fine tuning steam engines for the Narrow Gauge fellows for years, Fuzzy will be communicating his expertise in the fine art of tuning mechanisms in brass locomotives. He will talk about what to look for in terms of engine performance, and how to correct an engine with problems or improve upon an exiting model to get the smoothest running machine on the layout. Additionally, he will also talk of topics around electronics, controls and even possibly Power On Board equipped locomotives.
John Sethian
Title: Modeling In 2 Rail O Scale
O Scale has many advantages: The larger size gives the feel of heavy moving machinery, and fine details can be added and seen without heroics. O Scale is not outrageously expensive, does not require an aircraft hanger size space, and most equipment is readily available. The talk presents the basics for O Scale modeling, including sources, suppliers and techniques.