Credit Where Credits Are Due.

Mr. Dan Dawdy 
The Model Railroad Resource LLC
407 East Chippewa St - Dwight, IL 60420
For his immediate technical support and hosting
of this convention web site project as well as
including our publicity in the O Scale Resources
on-line Magazine.
Mr. Hugh Hamilton, CEO  
Republic Locomotive
P.O. Box 1236
Greenville, South Carolina 29602-1236
For his advice and authorization to use the RX500 Locomotive
photograph for our logo and publicity purposes.
Mr. Bruce Blackwood, President
O Scale Kings & SONC2018 Executive Committee
for passing on their convention planning advice & lessons learned.
Mr. Robert J. Amsler, NMRA Gateway 2020 Chairman
For his collaboration and coordination activities
with our EC Team as well as his insights around
convention program development and legal advice.
National O Scale Executive Team for the 2020 Convention
Dick Donaway
Matt Norby
Nick Bulgarino
Ed Bommer
Martin Brechbiel, Editor
O Scale Trains Magazine
White River Productions
For extra-ordinary efforts with getting our
advanced publicity into publication on short notice
in the events listing and forums.