Convention Clinics for 2023
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Sarah Griessenböck is a well-known O scale “hands on” modeler. Sarah is printing her own parts to convert 3-rail O scale cars to run on 2-rail track. She will present a clinic on her approach to modeling at the O Scale National Convention. Sarah is self-employed and she lives in the Austrian Alps and travels by rail whenever possible. She models the Union Pacific in Proto:48.


Santiago Pineda from South America will present a workshop on putting together an “Impossible Train” – the Exposition Flyer. He is a passenger train collector focused on replicating transition era, named trains from the American Midwest. This clinic will be divided in three parts: ready-to run models that have been produced, models that have been produced but require further modifications, and prototypes of interest that have not yet been produced.


Get the Tru-Blu scoop on SoundTraxx’ new Blunami! In this clinic, George from SoundTraxx will share with you SoundTraxx’ new Blunami, and how this can help make running your trains fun again! No more DCC, CVs, bits and more, just an intuitive free app to set up, run and operate your trains. The Blunami will work with multiple controls and power supplies, all you need is power and the free app on your smart device! Come see what all the fuss is about!






Bob Sobol will share his accomplishments in P&D Hobbies upgrades and original Weaver chain drive mechanisms happy with tips and tricks to avoid mental consternation. Some of these drives are at least 30 years old. He will show one or two simple home-made tools that can be used with an ordinary bench vise, along with sharing photos and examples of his field-tested examples. Bob is a gifted photographer whose photos of the O Scale Appalachian & Ohio layout have been published in Model Railroader Magazine.

David Stewart will present his clinic titled, “Building an Operational Hump Yard”. This clinic is based upon his personal experience of building a functional hump yard on his Appalachian and Ohio Railroad. Prototype specifics from grade characteristics to how to make “prototypical” retarders work will be covered. The clinic will also discuss how to make the hump operationally friendly for the assigned crew, including car prep, car forwarding, and car sorting over the hump.
David Schultz is known for his first-place passenger cars he builds using exceptional detail parts he crafted by hand, then used as masters to create molds and subsequently castings made by the dozens. In effect, he is making his own car kits. A retired railroad engineer and volunteer at an operating railroad museum in Duluth, David is able to measure and accurately model from the prototype. He is building an O scale layout based on the Northern Pacific in Minnesota.
David Vaughn will recall the wit, wisdom, and whimsy of John Armstrong. John was diehard O scale modeler who custom designed hundreds of layouts, including his own Canandaigua Southern. In fact, John wrote books on the topic for Kalmbach Publishing. David Vaughn acquired much of John’s layout and now continues to run trains on it in his own basement.
Dan Dawdy will present a clinic on 3D Resin printing. Topics covered will be resin versus filament printers, software for creating STL files for printing (as well as sources for files), printers of 4K, 8K, more K’s of size etc, different resins, software for slicing, supporting, and arranging, post printing, washing, and curing, and anything else he can dream up!


Rick Trinkle will give a clinic on 3D Printing Production. He will share the steps to setup, research, and follow through with 3D printed O Scale Model Railroading production.  With a focus on his experiences and product line production to date… Rick guides you thru the trials and tribulations, techniques and safety, construction and cleanup needed to realize your specialized modeling goals.  You may very well find yourself  interested in producing prototype models for your railroad after attending this informative, empowering, clinic on 3D printing for Model Railroading production.






Charles Goodrich, MMR, will give a clinic on the painting of an O scale D&RGW K-36 from taking it out of the box to a complete weathered model.  Although the clinic is on painting steam the methods are applicable to anything that needs painting.  Discussed are disassembly, modifications and repair, planning, painting, decaling and weathering.

Charles is a retired Professional Engineer and a master model railroader. For twelve years he did custom painting for a local hobby shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. He averaged two paint jobs a week during this period. He was also the “talent” for the model painting segment on the PBS series, All About Trains” that aired in the late 1970’s. He no longer paints for hire but still paints models as required for his model railroad.







Paul H. Hanson will be giving a clinic on “Introduction to Proto 48 modeling” Paul is an O Scale modeler and the Midwest Proto 48 Moderator. He will be presenting the Specifications of Proto 48, and offering Tips & Tricks of track laying and model conversion.


Eric Peterson will present will review trackwork components and standards that can be used for O Scale trackwork. Templates for curves, spirals and turnouts will be demonstrated drawing out various track geometry solutions for layout situation. They help prevent cheating. This clinic will better prepare you to design an initial O Scale 2 Rail Layout, modify an existing layout or start getting your thoughts on paper for your next layout. Eric started modeling in HO with his father and has been modeling in O scale two rail since 1971. He brings professional experience in the engineering department of Chessie System Railroads and later CSX. His layout has been in 7 different locations and recently expanded.








2023 National O Scale Convention

Clinic Schedule

Friday, June 9, 2023

Ongoing in Hall Module Activity Detroit sectional layout: Skyler Shippy

10:30am-11:30am Conference Room 2: Exposition Flyer Train and Cars
with Santiago Pineda
10:30am-11:30am Conference Room 3: Details, 3d Printing and Fabrication
with Sarah Griessenbock
1:30pm-2:30pm Conference Room 2: 3d Resin Printing with Dan Dawdy
1:30pm-2:30pm Conference Room 3: Soundtraxx Blunami with George Bogatiuk
3:00pm-4:00pm Conference Room 2: P&D Drive Improvements
with Bob Sobol
3:00pm-4:00pm Conference Room 3: Soundtraxx Blunami with George Bogatiuk
4:00 pm-5:00 pm Conference Room 2: Modeling a Working HumpYard
with David Stewart
4:00pm-5:00pm Conference Room 3: Introduction to Proto:48 with Paul Hanson


Saturday, June 10, 2023

9:00am-10:00am Conference Room 2: Design Considerations for Shelf Layouts
with Eric Bacchi
9:00am-10:00am Conference Room 3: Painting and Weathering
with Charles S. Goodrich
10:30am-11:30am Conference Room 2: Exposition Flyer Train and Cars
with Santiago Pineda
10:30am-11:30am Conference Room 3: Details, 3d Printing and Fabrication
with Sarah Griessenbock
1:30pm-3:00pm Conference Room 2: Space for O Scale/Track Geometry
with Eric Peterson
1:30pm-3:00pm Conference Room 3: 3D Printing Model Railroad Production.
with Rick Trinkle