The 2021 O Scale National Convention in Denver, CO was one of the first post-lockdown train events. It was brought together a group of dedicated OS2R modelers for a wonderful train show and more. Thanks to Convention Chair Bob Kjelland, his committee, and all who worked hard to make it a success. All rails did, in fact, lead to Denver!

In other news, Atlas Model Railroad Company confirmed last week that the O Scale National Convention cars arrived at their home facility in Hillside, New Jersey. We are making arrangements to pick them up. Buyers will be contacted by email. Cars may be shipped or delivered at specific O scale shows, including the March Meet. Watch for additional details.


A&O 60′ Auto Parts Boxcar 4215 (David Stewart original)

A&O 60′ Auto Parts Boxcar (Atlas art rendition)

A&O 60′ Double Door Auto Parts Boxcar 4263 (David Stewart original)

A&O 60′ Double Door Auto Parts Boxcar 4250 (Atlas art rendition)